the top 11 must-see places in Europe


1. Paris
The City of Light draws millions of visitors every year with its unforgettable ambience. Of course, the divine cuisine and vast art collections deserve some of the credit as well. The gentle River Seine rambles through the city, flanked by stately museums, centuries-old churches, and blocks of Rococo- and Neo-classic-design architecture, further enhanced by charming trees and glowing streetlamps. Peppering the Seine’s cobbled walks and graceful bridges are impossibly chic Parisians, probably on their way to the market, café, or cinema.

Containing world-class museums, fashion, cuisine, and an atmosphere all its own, Paris is also a city of “many splendors,” as Ernest Hemingway recalled in his memoirs, A Moveable Feast. Visit the Centre Pompidou, enjoy gourmet pastries, shop couture on the Champs Élysées or boutiques in Les Halles, take in the view atop the Eiffel Tower, or even daytrip to Versailles Palace. But don’t miss out on the simple pleasure of meandering the marvelous arrondissements (districts).


2. Rome

Dubbed the Eternal City of the Seven Hills and the Vatican, Rome is the capital of Italy, and rightfully so between the Mediterranean climate, breathtaking ancient
architecture, the finest and largest churches in the world, mouth-watering food and not to mention, the best shopping in the world. Rome is at the top of our list as the
best places to see in the world because no matter how long or how short your trip is, there’s so much to do and see.

No matter how much pasta and gelato you end up eating, there’s plenty to do that will keep you busy and constantly moving. If you’re a history buff or just enjoy traveling back in time there are plenty of ancient, medieval, Renaissance and Baroque historic sites to satisfy any traveler. You can hop on a bus and in one swoop see the Colosseum, the Forum, Il Vittoriano, and the Pantheon. It’s also easy to venture off and visit Trajan’s Column and the Catacombs. Of course these must-see stops are on many tourists’ routes, but these are ones that you absolutely can’t miss. If you’re in Rome towards the end of the month, then you should take advantage of free entry to The Vatican Museums on the last Sunday of every month, from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. But make sure you get there early because the last admission is at 12:30 p.m. If you’re just stopping in the city for a short time, then the main attractions you have to see before leaving would be St. Peter’s Basilica, the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Palatine Hill, and Michelangelo’s Piazza del Campidoglio.

Rome_Italy2 Rome_Italy1

3. Vienna

Vienna is the capital of the Republic of Austria. It is by far the largest city in Austria, as well as its cultural, economic, and political centre. As the former home of
the Habsburg court and its various empires, the city still has the trappings of the imperial capital it once was, and the historic city centre is inscribed on the UNESCO
World Heritage List.

Vienna_Austria1 Vienna_Austria2

4. Amsterdam

The best thing about vacationing in Amsterdam is that it’s highly affordable if you’re traveling on a budget. You can stay in hostels or budget-friendly hotels, but make
sure you’re able to find space during prime seasons like summer and Christmas.
As a newcomer to the city, watch out for bicycle traffic if you’re a pedestrian. Visitors have to be careful when maneuvering the roadways. If you’re driving in a car, you
’ll want to keep an eye out for cyclists who ignore traffic laws. You may to take advantage of public transportation while visiting Amsterdam by getting a public transport ticket called a strippenkaart. They have a tram system that is very convenient for travelers, as long as you watch for pickpockets who prey on unsuspecting tourists.
When you start heading out for some shopping excursions, make sure you understand the laws about drugs and alcohol. In many shops, drugs are sold in small quantities as long as they’re not openly advertised or sold to kids under the age of 18, although by the age of 16, a person is allowed to drink beer and wine in Amsterdam.
While you’re in Amsterdam, try to see some of the wonderful destination spots locals and tourists alike love, such as the Stedelijk Museum, which houses works of art by Picasso and Monet to name a few.

Amsterdam_Netherlands2 Amsterdam_Netherlands1

5. Barcelona

Barcelona is a fantastic mixture of European and the Mediterranean influences. You can best experience this whether you are searching for some new threads or dining at a fantastic restaurant. Plus, the two cultures have created a laid back atmosphere where there’s no point to rush around… quite simply because no one else will be. Exploring the city is such a highlight that you’ll already be wondering when you can return. Enjoy the late night diners, spectacular sites and relearning that life is enjoyed best when not in warp speed.

Barcelona_Spain2 Barcelona_Spain1

6. Budapest

Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is an interesting, cosmopolitan city that should not be underestimated Budapest’s beautiful historic section is Castle Hill on the Buda
side of the Danube. Across the river is Pest, the sprawling and hectic center of the modern city that saw much of its development at the turn of century. Budapest is
possibly more active, enticing, and bewildering than any other European city. Here, business people from as far as Moscow and London brush shoulders on the subway while youth from all over the world enjoy the city’s many great cafés, bars and clubs.

budapest_parliament1 budapest2
7. Stockholm
It’s a pride of Sweden. As its capital, it’s also the very best destination belonging to the vacationers all across the globe. It comes with a nice climate. It’s a
diversified city when it comes to industry and ethnicity.


8. Istanbul

Sultanahmet, the old city of Istanbul, plays host to the majority of tourist sites. All are within a short walking distance of each other. Start with the Topkapi Palace,
Blue Mosque, Saint Sophia Museum, Hippodrome, Underground Cistern, Grand Bazaar and Egyptian Spice Markets. If these aren’t enough, get out of touristville and visit the Dolmabahce Palace, Camlica Hill (highest point in Istanbul on the Asian side), cruise up the Bosphorus (stretch of water separating Europe from Asia) or check out the Prince ’s Islands in the Marmara Sea. If it’s bars you’re after, Akbiyik Caddesi is lined with cafés and bars, but if you wish to go where the locals go, try Taksim or Ortakoy.

Istanbul_blamoske istanbul_mosque

9. Venice

Venice is an iconic city in northeastern Italy. This is the “City of Water”, the “City of Canals”, as well as one of the most romantic cities in the world. However, Venice
is most famous for its numerous water canals, which are actually the main streets. The major street is the Grand Canal, which crosses the community through a huge S-shaped water path, which is also one of the most inspiring paths in the whole world. The Grand Canal is bordered by numerous Venetian and Gothic buildings, which create a unique and a very impressive environment for the eyes, while each gondola trip is like a carriage ride on the water. Moreover, each vacation in Venice is transformed into an unforgettable experience, thanks to a wide number of historical and cultural landmarks – for example, the St. Marks Square, the Saint Mark’s Basilica and the Rialto Bridge.

Venice_Italy1 Venice_Italy2
10. Berlin

Berlin, the capital city of Germany, is known for its historic as well as modern tourist attractions. The Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate, the Europa Center, the Kollhoff Tower on the Potsdamer Platz, the Victory Column are some of the best places to visit in Berlin. The Berlin wall monument or memorial is also worth watching.

Berlin_Germany2 Berlin_Germany1
11. London

London, the British capital resides a lot of powerful world leaders and has important influence in the world. For those who would like to go on a trip to see London, you will get a lot of things to see and experience in that metropolis.
The London Eye is among the newest points of interest of the capital of the United Kingdom. To complete your London trip, try out a ride in this gigantic Ferris wheel and get a panoramic view of Greater London. Some of the most popular places in London are the palaces of the royal family. You are able to actually go in a few of the palaces however there are private areas as well where visitors are not permitted. These wonderful palaces could be the highlights of your vacation to capital of the United Kingdom.
During your stay in London, you will be most pleased to recognize that the London subway is one of the most commodious ways of transportation in the country. This underground spans a lot of miles of the city and supplies to nearly all areas. Autobuses are even in place for those who want to go for the places of interest and go through a double deck bus in London traffic. You are also able to hire a car if you would like to drive around City of London on your vacation. Traffic isn’t bad in the capital of the United Kingdom however you have to get a hold of a map to assist you find your route around the city streets.

London_England2 London_England3